PRISM-games: Case Studies

PRISM-games has been used for verification and strategy synthesis in many different application domains. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of PRISM-games studies, along with accompanying publications and links. We are always happy to include details of externally developed case studies. If you would like to contribute content about your work with PRISM-games, or you want us to add a pointer to a relevant publication, please contact us.

See also the PRISM-games publications list for papers describing various case studies that illustrate the application of PRISM-games.

  • Microgrid demand-side management [CFK+13b, Sim14] (files here) (see also this web page)
  • Human-in-the-loop UAV mission planning [FWHT15]
  • Autonomous urban driving [CKSW13]
  • Aircraft power distribution [BKTW15]
  • Self-adaptive software architectures [GCSG15, CGSP15]
  • DNS bandwidth amplification attack [DKSS14]
  • Attack-defence scenarios in RFID goods management system [ANP16]
  • Collective decision making for sensor networks (files here) [CFK+13b, Sim14]
  • Team formation protocol (files here) [CKPS11]