PRISM News - 7 September 2010

Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) is hiring!

We are looking for researchers in formal methods, particularly software verification and probabilistic verification methods. We have openings for exceptional candidates with different levels of experience; the ideal candidate would be a recent PhD graduate. SIFT conducts a wide variety of contract-funded research on AI, formal methods, and human-centered systems. Our current projects include:

  • Probabilistic verification of system designs.
  • Autonomous spacecraft planning and control.
  • Formal verification of procedures for manned spacecraft.
  • Agent-based systems for cyber-security.
  • Mixed-initiative planning and control of UAV teams.
  • Etiquette-based identification of social networks.
  • Subliminal perception for security.

Our offices are located in the historic warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. A vibrant metropolis, Minneapolis offers a wide variety of activities and a friendly atmosphere.

SIFT offers flexible work arrangements. SIFT employees have the option to work a substantial part of their hours in a home office, and hours are flexible to meet family needs, etc. We value the opportunity to work together with friendly, easygoing, creative researchers in a non-bureaucratic, flexible and responsive way. More details on SIFT are available at www.sift.info.

Due to funding restrictions, U.S. citizenship or a green-card is required.

Please send CVs to sift-jobs (at) sift (dot) info .