PRISM-games: Download

PRISM-games is free and open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.


PRISM-games should run on 32/64-bit versions of all major operating systems.

We distribute various pre-built binaries:

For non-Windows platforms, it is usually easy to build from source code:

Older versions are available on the GitHub releases page.

Latest version: 3.2.1

The current version of PRISM-games is 3.2.1 (first released 11 January 2024).

The main changes since the last major release (3.1) are listed below. See the CHANGELOG for full details.

  • Improved support for external libraries (Z3/Yices/PPL) including PPL on Windows
  • Symbolic (MTBDD) model checking of turn-based stochastic games (SMGs) (see [KNPS22b])
  • Correlated and fair equilibria for CSGs (see [KNPS22])
  • Add instantaneous (I=k) and cumulative (C<=k) rewards for SMGs
  • Merged latest changes from PRISM (up to v4.8) and extensions:
  • Refactoring of CSG related classes


See here for installation instructions.

If you are stuck, post a message in the forum.