[SUH+06] H. Sauro, A. Uhrmacher, D. Harel, M. Hucka, M. Kwiatkowska, P. Mendes, C. Shaffer, L. Stromback and J. Tyson. Challenges for modeling and simulation methods in systems biology. In L. Perrone, F. Wieland, J. Liu, B. Lawson, D. Nicol and R. Fujimoto (editors), Proc. 2006 Winter Simulation Conference, pages 1720-1730, IEEE. December 2006. [pdf] [bib]
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Abstract. Systems Biology is aimed at analyzing the behavior and interrelationships of biological systems and is characterized by combining experimentation, theory, and computation. Dedicated to exploring current challenges, the panel brings together people from a variety of disciplines whose perspectives illuminate diverse facets of Systems Biology and the challenges for modeling and simulation methods.