[CK09a] V. Issarny, B. Steffen, B. Jonsson, G. Blair, P. Grace, M. Kwiatkowska, R. Calinescu, P. Inverardi, M. Tivoli, A. Bertolino and A. Sabetta. CONNECT Challenges: Towards Emergent Connectors for Eternal Networked Systems. In Proc. 14th IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems. Poster. June 2009. [pdf] [bib] [Provides an overview of the CONNECT project, which incorporates extensions of PRISM.]
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Abstract. The CONNECT European project that started in February 2009 aims at dropping the interoperability barrier faced by today’s distributed systems. It does so by adopting a revolutionary approach to the seamless networking of digital systems, that is, synthesizing on the fly the connectors via which networked systems communicate. CONNECT then investigates formal foundations for connectors together with associated automated support for learning, reasoning about and adapting the interaction behavior of networked systems.