[CBPF22] Shenghui Chen, Kayla Boggess, David Parker and Lu Feng. Multi-Objective Controller Synthesis with Uncertain Human Preferences. In Proc. ACM/IEEE 13th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS'22), pages 170-180, IEEE. May 2022. [pdf] [bib] [Develops techniques for multi-objective MDP controller synthesis over uncertain preferences, implemented in an extension of PRISM.]
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Abstract. Complex real-world applications of cyber-physical systems give rise to the need for multi-objective controller synthesis, which concerns the problem of computing an optimal controller subject to multiple (possibly conflicting) criteria. The relative importance of objectives is often specified by human decision-makers. However, there is inherent uncertainty in human preferences (e.g., due to artifacts resulting from different preference elicitation methods). In this paper, we formalize the notion of uncertain human preferences, and present a novel approach that accounts for this uncertainty in the context of multi-objective controller synthesis for Markov decision processes (MDPs). Our approach is based on mixed-integer linear programming and synthesizes an optimally permissive multi-strategy that satisfies uncertain human preferences with respect to a multi-objective property. Experimental results on a range of large case studies show that the proposed approach is feasible and scalable across varying MDP model sizes and uncertainty levels of human preferences. Evaluation via an online user study also demonstrates the quality and benefits of the synthesized controllers.